About Us

Our Mission

Our aim is to connect our clients to international consumers and travel related companies through our global network of offices that provide local sales, marketing, and public relation services in terms of luxury tours, travelling in India or business travel. This may cater to a travel and tour of Kolkata or even a conference and meeting to be held in or around the country.

What’s In a Name?

Contrary to what Shakespeare might have said, our name defines us in every way possible.

When the average traveller turns to us for help, we offer our full commitment to make sure that each facet of that journey is a memorable one. Hence, we make a Jet Setter out of everyone who walks in to our office.

Jet Setters work throughout the country, providing tours from Kolkata, to complete India travel packages. And if you’re in the mood for an entire change in scenery, you can choose from a variety of International tours.

Who are We?

We are your one stop destination when you’re looking for the perfect getaway. Choose from a variety of Package Tours from Kolkata, to Honeymoon Destinations with your beloved or just treat yourself to a luxury tour. Whether you’re looking to travel and tour in Kolkata, travelling in India, searching for the best guided international tour, or even planning an agenda for business travel, you don’t have to look elsewhere once you’ve found yourself on the Jet Setter’s website.

Why Us?

Jet Setters isn’t just any travel agency, we provide much more than just vehicles, signs, maps, schedule brochures, and uniformed supervisors.

Our transportation systems are via bus, van and limousine from a party of 10 to 1, 00,000, all with expert coordinators to cover every part of a planned journey starting with airport arrivals, to final departures.

Be it a travel and tour of Kolkata or even a package tour from Kolkata to the destination of your choice, make it hassle free by trusting Jet Setters to provide you with detail-oriented assistance in all facets of programs, including air reservations, hotel rooms, shuttles, airport transfers, interactive parties, sporting events, spouse programs and customized tours.

Looking for a Corporate Solution?

The corporate and tourism industries are dependent upon a number of people to provide various services to ensure a successful event. We understand your plight when there is a conference and meeting to be organised and provide business travel solutions as well as corporate event planning, while travelling in India or as a part of an international tour.

We offer complete destination services for associations, corporations as well as incentive programs by experienced, creative professionals. These services would include parties of imaginative nature, special events, production design, customized tours, shuttles, and airport transfers.

And in terms of planning service for conferences and meetings, trade shows and special events, our services include ground transportation, tours, decor and entertainment. These would be complete corporate and incentive meeting services offering customized transportation, tours, off-site events, guides, hospitality and greeting services.

To sum it all up, we offer a personalized, individual-oriented array of services for luxury tours and business travellers, groups as well as individuals looking for a unique and unforgettable Jet Setters experience.

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